Virtual IT Manager

Your Own Dedicated IT Manager For A Fraction The Cost

Unbiased & Independent IT Direction

As IT has become such a vital component to business operations, some form of IT direction is essential. Most often when it comes to IT strategy, many small businesses are directed by a salesmen or a supplier. Often due to that direction, a quick fix or inappropriate solution has been advised without a broader consideration of the business plan or operational requirements.

Management can benefit greatly from taking independent advice from an experience IT manager that can developed an IT strategy that’s in alignment with your business plan. An in-house IT Manager is often not financially feasible or very difficult to obtain for many small businesses. This is why Simpategy developed the Virtual IT Manager service.

Benefits of a Virtual IT Manager

Save Money

Stop over spending on IT services. Avoid making costly IT decisions, such as implementing a service or product, that will need to be replaced a few months down the road.

Save Time

Stop spending your valuable time managing your IT. You should focus on your core business and just leave the IT to us. We are constantly keeping up with the latest technologies so you don’t have to.

Competitive Advantage

A IT strategy plan will effectively integrate IT into your business priorities, reduce risk, and ensure your IT environment can grow with your business.

Our IT Managers Make Strategic Sense

Most businesses really only need occasional external assessment, so it makes sense to utilize a Virtual IT Manager service for proactive independent advice, only when you need it. You’ll have access to all the experience and skills of a senior IT manager at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource. The assets and skills a Simpategy IT Manager can offer:

  • Overall budgeting, direction, and IT policy
  • Audit of infrastructure performance
  • Remote access and mobile strategy
  • Strategic alignment between your business plan and IT systems
  • Guidance on hardware and software purchases
  • Technology training
  • Software licensing audits
  • Unbiased advice of your current state and future plans
  • Advice on network design
  • Management of third party providers
  • Availability for technical discussion
  • Cloud Solution and line of business application advice

Our Virtual IT Manager Process

IT Audit

Your IT manager will always start with our Technology Audit, the audit will allow us to document your IT environment and also identify any critical risks or IT cost savings.

The IT audit will report on your current IT systems and how up-to-date they are. From the audit we are able to recommend technology upgrade paths and allow you to fully understand any limitations or IT risks you could be facing.

  •  A physical examination of your technical infrastructure including server(s), PC’s, switches, routers, and other crucial equipment.
  • Network speed – to ensure you are getting the maximum performance from your equipment
  • Event logs – for any impending failures
  • Anti-Virus Solution
  • Network design audit to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities
  • Evaluation and test of your current data backup system
  • Hardware warranty and support cost review
  • Documentation of IT Environment
  • Internet Speeds – check against your current plan and suggest possible upgrades options
Business Review

Our business review involves a more in-depth look at how your business utilizes your IT environment. We’ll meet with key members of your company to discover any IT and business challenges they currently face. The review will allow us to gains valuable knowledge of you short and long-term business goals and needs.

  • Business Plan Review
  • Line of business application software
  • IT Process Evaluation- how are users utilizing the applications and hardware
  • User IT Aptitude – to determine if any training would be beneficial
  • IT Strengths and Challenges
IT Strategy Plan

Armed with the information gathered from the technology audit and business review, your IT manager will develop your businesses IT Strategy Plan. The plan will not only address IT infrastructure risk and inefficiencies, but more importantly we’ll outline cost-effective IT solutions that will be scalable, flexible, and improve productivity

The results of an IT strategy plan will be efficient and planned IT spending, improved technologies, and an alignment between IT decisions and business plans.

  • IT budgeting
  • Hardware life-cycle management
  • Remote Access and mobile strategy
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Microsoft license audit
  • Business applications strategy
  • Inventory of IT assets
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

Our IT management will remove the time consuming responsibility of planning and managing your IT. It will no longer be a drain on valuable resources or most importantly your time – time that you don’t have.

Business are dynamic and new business challenges are bound to arise. Your Virtual IT Manger will be there to recommend technology solutions to those business challenges.

Your IT Manger is constantly monitoring advances in technology, from the latest products to the most recent IT services. We are always recommending the most cutting edge and beneficial technology solutions for your business.

Vendor Management

We will manage all IT related vendor relationships. This will reduce time spent managing and working with multiple vendors.

Technical Training

We believe that technical training is often over looked area of IT management. That is why our IT manager always includes some yearly training hours.

Managed IT Documentation

We fully document our IT environment. Our documentation will always be always up-to-date and easily accessible.

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