Cloud PBX (VoIP)

Your Complete Cloud-based Small Business VoIP Phone and Fax Solution.


Consultant Advantage


Save up to 60% off with RingCentral!

The #1 small business VoIP phone system is Ring Central. No more expensive PBX equipment and support costs. Your Small business will have access to enterprise level phone features that were previously out of reach.

  • Voice, fax and text in one phone system
  • Work across all of your locations
  • Manage your system anywhere
  • No expensive PBX or phone line cost

Plans starting at $9.99/month


Enterprise-class VoIP Phone System at Small Business Prices


One phone system Voice and Fax

One phone system. Enhance your communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling and BYOD capability.


Works across all of your locations

RingCentral is highly adaptable and customizable. Manage multiple locations and mobile workers with your one system, all on one convenient monthly bill.


You save using the power of the Cloud

Save up to 60% on your monthly phone expenses. Forget the high capital cost that came with legacy systems.  All-inclusive low pricing and predictable costs.


No costly hardware maintenance

Since your system is in the Cloud, there’s no hardware to maintain, updates and new features appear automatically.

Low and predictable monthly pricing!

The Simpategy Consultant Advantage


Benefits of RingCentral with Simpategy

Our consultants will not only advise you what RingCentral solution is best for your business, but they will assess your network to ensure there are no IT road blocks. We always provide the highest level pre and post-sales RingCentral support.

Fixed-price RingCentral Projects

All RingCentral projects are a fixed price and not charged out at an hourly rate. All costs and schedule will be approved before the project starts, so you’ll avoid any surprises.

Network and Phone System Assessment

We work together to determine your organization’s needs, and assess your current infrastructure to determine the best solution to ensure a painless move to RingCentral.

Installation Assistance

We look after all the technical setup and configuration for you.  We take special care to ensure operational impacts and down time are minimized during your transition to RingCentral.

RingCentral Training

All of our RingCentral projects include training to ensure all user understand and know how to use the new service.

Complete Small Business VoIP System

Business Features
small business VoIP and fax

Cloud PBX

Business phone systems with advanced, cloud PBX capabilities with seamless connectivity.


  • Welcome callers with a custom company greeting, select a default greeting, record your own or get a professionally recorded greeting.
  • Announce employee and department extensions to allow callers to select the appropriate extension. Callers will hear options such as: Press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer support, press 3 shipping information.
  • When a customer calls you can choose to play an announcement, go to voicemail, ring office, ring home phone, or mobile phone numbers in any order.

Music on Hold

  • Choose music and messages to play based on time, day, and Caller ID information.
  • Customize each extension with its own selection of music and messages.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Give directions to your company office.
  • Announce new products, services, and events.
  • Interrupt music on hold at timed intervals with reassuring voice updates and customized messages.

Dial-by-Name Directory

  • You can set search by first or last name to make it easy for callers to find your employees.
  • Your staff can be reached anywhere, on any of their devices when callers find them in your dial-by-name directory.
  • Choose the extensions you’d like to include in your company directory with a single click or exclude staff that doesn’t want to receive unscreened calls.
  • Make changes to settings in a snap and let your Auto-Receptionist take care of the rest.

Enhanced Voicemail

  • Receive your voicemail whether you’re on the other line, your desk phone is disconnected, or even if the power goes out.
  • Access all your business voicemails regardless of where you forward your calls.
  • Receive voicemail messages through a PC, your IP or cell phone, as email attachments, or by dialing your RingCentral number.
  • Speed up response times for you and your team by including voicemail messages and faxes, as attachments to email notifications.
Call Management

Phone System

All-inclusive solution, with robust features for one low monthly cost.

Call forwarding

Easily forward calls from your number to your mobile, home, or other office phones. Use call forwarding to direct calls to partners, employees, and any department.

Caller ID

Customize which number you want the recipient to see by using Outbound Caller ID.

Answering rules

Configure how callers can reach individual extensions. Direct callers to alternative phone numbers, alternate phone numbers, extensions, and voicemail based on date and time.

Call logs

All your calls and faxes are stored in your online account, so you see your call logs from anywhere. You can see who called, the phone number, duration of the call, and the time and date they called.


Make one-way announcements over overhead paging devices and IP phones. Reach colleagues from any of your office locations.

Call recording

You can enable automatic recording for all your calls.  Recorded calls are saved in call logs and can be played back anytime.


Create a group of employees to answer calls for departments such as customer services or sales. All calls to that department will be placed on hold until one of department users can take the call. You can set your choice of on hold music for them to listen to while they wait.

Call park

Park calls in the cloud and then retrieve from any phone in your business or mobile phone. Up to 50 calls can be parked simultaneously.


Announce  parked calls and visitors to colleagues for quick conversations. Customize settings to determine who can contact you.

Internet Fax

Internet Fax

Give your company advanced online fax functionality.

Fax service is always-on and you never get a busy signal

  • No need for costly dedicated phone lines and hardware.
  • All incoming faxes are handled online, never miss a call or fax again.
  • Callers will never hear a busy signal, when you’re on the phone or receiving a fax.
  • Choose a toll-free or local number to send and receive faxes from around the world.

Send faxes from a range of sources and devices

  • Send faxes directly from your email attach files, add a cover letter and you’re good to go.
  • RingCentral CloudFax™ allows you to attach files on your PC, you can even send from Microsoft® Office® applications on your PC. You also have the option to send cloud files, from popular services such as Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.
  • Your RingCentral Softphone is an easy and convenient way to send faxes too.

Maximum control and security

  • Preview and print faxes, design custom cover sheets, and annotate and even sign faxes – right from your computer.
  • Transmit faxes securely over an encrypted connection.
  • Store incoming faxes in a password protected online account.
  • Choose fax delivery format (PDF or TIFF), fax to groups, block faxes without caller ID, specify different email and text values for each type of notification, and many more.
  • Connect your existing fax machine to your RingCentral service with an analog adapter.

Receive faxes on any RingCentral phone number

  • Every extension can take voice calls and faxes; no need for a separate fax number.
  • Even if you’re on the phone, you’ll still receive your fax messages.
  • Messages can be delivered as email attachments, or stored securely in your account.
  • Get instant notifications whenever you receive an incoming fax.
  • Receive a fax and RingCentral will notify you by text message, email, or Softphone.

Microsoft® Outlook® Integration


Consolidate voice and fax messages directly into Outlook

  • Easily share voicemail and faxes through Outlook as attachments to clients or employees.
  • RingOut, a click-to-call feature, allows you to call numbers from your Outlook contact list, email signatures, Web pages, or documents.

Send faxes directly from any Microsoft Windows® application

  • Simply choose RingCentral Internet Fax from your list of printers.
  • Send fax documents by email— just attach docs to an email to the recipient’s 10-digit fax number
  • You can also fax a variety of supported document formats using Softphone.

Automatically identify callers as Outlook contacts

  • See and hear the names of Outlook contacts who call or fax when using Softphone.
  • The Auto-Receptionist will read Outlook contact names before accepting calls.
  • Choose to have the Auto-Receptionist bypass screening for Outlook contacts.

RingCentral App for

Increase call efficiency

  • With simple click-to-dial from within Salesforce, you can spend more time selling or servicing customers and less time dialing.
  • Save time by eliminating misdials.

Drive organizational collaboration

  • Work multiple call records in separate browser tabs.
  • Easily collaborate within Salesforce using call records and RingCentral Softphone call management.

Enhance customer interaction

  • Incoming callers are instantly matched to existing contact records which are automatically displayed.
  • Take notes while on call – saved automatically. RC