Want to access Quickbooks from anywhere and on any device

Now with QuickBooks online, SMB’s can access their QuickBooks data from anywhere on any device. They’ll now have the flexibility that comes with remotely accessing their data, without the investment in IT infrastructure.

QuickBooks Online does come with some restrictions that could be a roadblock. If your company is using QuickBooks to handle your payroll, that option is not currently available. Also moving you current QuickBooks database can be a challenge. You can import some lists, such as product, services or customers. However you lose some of historical transaction history. You may also need some the features that only come with QuickBooks Enterprise, these may not be available in the online options.

If those restrictions are a major barrier for your company, there are another options. You have many authorized QuickBooks hosting companies to choose from, and they will all give you the same anywhere access, but won’t come with the restrictions. NovelASPect is one company that stood out to us.

NovelASPect uses Citrix opposed to Microsoft Remote Desktop. Citrix will be faster, require less bandwidth, and will appear to run as if was installed on your computer. They also provide an option to lease your QuickBooks licenses.

With NovelASPect, you can have your own dedicated server hosting QuickBooks Enterprise with Payroll and up to five other applications. So if you use any QuickBooks add-ons, those will also be added to server and accessed the same way.

More information can be found on our Cloud Accounting page.

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