The technology world is changing in favor of small business

Conventionally, small businesses have been at a disadvantage when it comes to IT resources. While larger organisations were investing in large, costly solutions, smaller companies didn’t have many technology options suitable for their business requirements or within their budget.

The technology world is now changing. A technological resurgence is underway, making IT more flexible and attainable for small business. And because they aren’t trapped with high-priced legacy systems, small businesses are positioned to move quickly and adopt the most up-to-date technologies more easily than many larger companies.

Small businesses are gaining a the upper hand thanks to the new generation of cloud services, line-of-business applications, mobile apps, and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, now even a solution such as ERP is within reach. Cloud computing is one of the major driving forces behind this change.

What is cloud computing? It’s such a buzzword –laden term, the meaning is almost meaningless. For small businesses, the leading benefit of cloud computing is that it allows them to purchase enterprise-grade applications at an affordable price, and complete with support, that would not have been available to them.

With a valid credit card and a little guidance, even a small company can have everything from online collaboration tools, HRMS, ERP, and CMS applications.

These are the same services or applications the larger organisations invested millions of dollars procuring, configuring and maintaining. Now small business can easily achieve technical equality.

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