Office 365 – Opening doors for Small Business

Office 365 is giving small businesses access to the same services, that due to cost, were previously only available to larger companies. Office 365’s scalable and flexible pay-per-user model is easy to understand, and will grow with your business.

Before Office 365, an investment in hardware, software licencing, and labour would start at $15,000. The upfront cost and ongoing expenses, were often too high for a small business to see a return on the investment. Office 365 will save small businesses money by reducing the need for technology equipment and maintenance. Small businesses no longer need to purchase servers and software, reducing their capital costs. And with a smaller infrastructure to manage, administrative costs are greatly decreased.

Small businesses can now access their email, data, and communicate with coworkers on any device and from anywhere that has internet conductivity. You can have the same work experience whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

Here’s a sample of what Office 365 can do for you:

Employees can easily communicate and collaborate using Microsoft Lync. They can have a one on one or a group conversation, in which they can share their screen or start a video chat.
Access your latest email, calendars, task, and contacts from any device simultaneously.
Share your calendar and free/busy information with others inside and outside your organization, making scheduling meetings much easier.
Have an internal website that will allow you to store company data, bulletins, forms, and policies.
Create, edit, and review reports, proposals, calendars, and budgets with others in real time.
Office 365 is a key that can open many doors for your business; it is a very exciting time to be a small business owner.

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