Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop from anywhere and on any device


Cloud Desktop

Now you can access your desktop, applications, and data from anywhere and on any device! It’s doesnt matter whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the road, your experience is exactly the same!

Cloud Desktop starting at $55.00/user/month

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What Are Cloud Desktops?

Cloud Desktops are for companies of all sizes and will allow your staff access to their familiar desktop from anywhere on any device. Our Cloud Desktop is secured using bank and government grade encryption.  Cloud Desktop will easily scale as your business as grows, without the capital cost of hardware, licensing, and software.

Business has become more mobile, and our Cloud Desktop will provide your business the ability meet the mobile demand. Your team can access their files and applications from anywhere, and all they require is a device that has access to the internet.

Cloud Desktop Benefits

Peace of Mind

Your data is securely stored in a datacenter. Your Cloud Desktop network will still be accessible even if your office suffers from a disaster.

Control Expenses

Our Cloud Desktops can scale up/down within hours and grow with your business.

24/7/365 Accessibility

Our Cloud Desktop’s mantra is “Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device”! Cloud Desktops enable you to have access to your data, applications,  and documents from anywhere.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Improve productivity and employee  loyalty by allowing a parent to work while staying home with an ill child. Our Cloud Desktop will allow you to provide a more flexible work environment for your employees.  You can also open up your talent pool by hire outside of you city.

Data Security

An enterprise grade firewall and daily backups will keeps your Cloud Desktops safe and secure. The connection to your Cloud Desktops will always be secure and encrypted.

Increased Productivity

Your Cloud Desktops will accessible from anywhere and on any device. You can be on the road, at a hotel, at home, or back in the office, your employee’s productivity will  benefits from the flexibility to work anywhere and desktop will always be the same.



Up to 100% Guaranteed Up Time

Always Backedup

Secure 128 bit SSL Encryption

Local & Network Printing

Always up-to-date with No Maintenance

Flexible and Scalable Per User Pricing